What is a cookie ?

Cookies are temporary text files stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit our website. The information contained in these files contributes to the proper functioning of the site, to its security, and to the improvement of your browsing experience.

How are cookies used ?

Like most online services, our site uses cookies that are essential for basic functionalities, as well as third-party cookies. The cookies essential for the proper functioning of the site do not collect any personal information and the information recorded is not shared with third parties. Third-party cookies help optimize your browsing experience on our site.

What types of cookies do we use ?

Essential : Some cookies are essential for the site to function properly. They allow sessions to be maintained and prevent security breaches. They do not collect any personal information.
Statistical: These cookies store information about the use of our site to see what information you find useful or unnecessary.
Functional: These are cookies that are necessary for non-essential functionalities of our site. This includes embedded content such as videos from social networks.
Preferences: These cookies record your browsing settings and preferences, such as the language in which you prefer to consult our site, for your next visits.

The following list details the cookies used by our site.

__Secure-3PAPISIDGoogle & Youtube cookie.
__Secure-3PSIDGoogle & Youtube cookie.
__Secure-3PSIDCCGoogle & Youtube cookie.
1P_JARGoogle cookie.
ANIDGoogle cookie.
CONSENTGoogle & Youtube cookie.
dprFacebook cookie.
guest_idTwitter cookie.
LOGIN_INFOYoutube cookie.
personalization_idTwitter cookie.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEYoutube cookie.
YSCYoutube cookie.

CC3C Genève can revise this policy if cookies become obsolete or if we need new ones. 

How can you change your preferences

You can change your consent preferences for the cookies used on our site at any time. Your consent applies to the entire domain



CC3C Genève collects as little information as possible about you and commit not to sell it.
You can see all of your data at any time, modify it or cancel your subscription, either by following the link contained in each e-mail, or on simple request to

Contact form

When sending a contact form, only data that are necessary for us to be able to answer you are sent. They will not be kept by CC3C Genève or used for other purposes.